Kim McKayed – Chief Technology Officer, CarTow

  • Kim has 10 years technical infrastructure and software development experience in multinational Telecoms, and as a co-founder of 311 Solutions Dev Ops. He is a member of DogPatch Labs Google for Entrepreneurs, and teamed up with Ireland’s largest roadside recovery operator in 2015 to apply a digital transformation strategy to over 30,000 annual recoveries on roads in Ireland & UK



    Synopsis:  Spire RM adopts a ‘Halo’ style model for recovery integrated with smart Call Centre software-as-a-service. Recovery lead-times have been reduced by 15% in the initial 6 month launch to advocate customer experience and decongest of our road infrastructure. Cost reduction and carbon removal are also in core focus. The roadside assistance industry has traditionally lagged in technology, so we’ll be looking at how embracing agile development, applying IoT, Mobility and Ai can launch the industry into emerging block-chain technologies and enable the connected car to support Smart City infrastructure and improve driver experience for all.

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