Paula Thornton – Pension Consultant/Business Manager, CPAS (CIF Pension Administration Services)

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    Paula Thornton has over 25 years’ experience workings in pensions both in Ireland and the UK and is currently Pension Consultant/Business Manager for CIF Pension Administration Services (CPAS), a company she joined in 2000.  Her initial role with CPAS was as a senior pension consultant for CERS, a master trust arrangement for executives and staff in the construction sector.  Paula managed a large portfolio of corporate and individual CERS clients with both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution members.  Paula’s current role with CPAS is to promote and develop CPAS as a one stop shop providing professional pension administration service and financial advice to the construction sector.  Paula provides pension consultancy service to one of Ireland’s largest pension schemes, the Construction Workers Pension Scheme, which has almost 21,000 active members, 8,000 pensioners and over 250,000 deferred members.


    Title: Mandatory Pensions for the Construction Sector

    Synopsis: The presentation will talk about mandatory pensions as outlined in the Government’s Roadmap for Pensions Reform for Ireland.  In particular, the recent Sectoral Employment Order for the construction sector and what this means for people who work in construction.

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