Julie Currid – COO & Co-founder, Initiafy

  • Julie’s career has centred around marketing and strategy for over 13 years. She started in the safety software world in 2010 and has been exploring the needs of large corporations ever since. She started Initiafy in 2012 with her business partner, Sean Fennell, and together they have fine-tuned a contractor management platform which now has over 300,000 users and hundreds of global customers, focusing mainly in heavy industry such as construction, mining and energy. In 2016 Julie won the ‘Women Mean Business’ award for Newcomer of the Year and in 2017 she won the runner-ups prize for the Best Young Entrepreneur in Ireland. With her various roles Julie has worked internationally, mainly in UK and US, and is now based in Dublin, Ireland.


    Title: How to manage the safety performance of Contractors?

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