Joe Behan – Managing Director, Behan Dispute Resolution

    • Joe Behan – Managing Director, Behan Dispute Resolution's presentations

    Joe is an experienced Adjudicator, Conciliator, Mediator, Arbitrator and Consulting Engineer practicing in Ireland, the UK, and the Middle East.

    He is an a member of the Government Construction Contracts Adjudication Panel, an accredited Adjudicator with CIArb, and a member of Engineers Ireland panel of Adjudicators.

    Joe sits on numerous Irish and International dispute resolution panels of mediators, conciliators and arbitrators. He lectures in NUI Maynooth and sits on six Boards including ISME and Kildare Wicklow ETB.

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    Presentation Title: The Ever Changing Face of Dispute Resolution in Construction.

    Presentation Synopsis:

    In the talk I will look at the changes that have occurred in the past few years such as the introduction of adjudication, the standing conciliator and dispute avoidance mechanisms.

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