Jason Casey – Operations Manager, Ardmac

  • Throughout his twelve years’ experience with Ardmac Jason has gained considerable experience in Technology & Interior Contracts Management. He is a highly conscientious Operations Manager with exceptional commitment to managing each element of work to the customer’s satisfaction, and driving programmes whilst maintaining a firm focus on safety, quality, and budget. Jason has been a leader in the Ardmac “Lean Construction Journey”, and is a champion of innovation and change. Jason is also a Lean Construction Ireland Director and is a Chartered Construction Manager.


    Title: Transforming Ireland’s Construction Sector through Lean Adoption

    Synopsis:  Ireland’s construction sector is transforming to meet the needs of 21st century society and a wide variety of clients from multinationals to individual house builders. Lean Construction Ireland was established in March 2014 with the key objective of promoting the adoption of lean thinking and practices in the Irish construction sector to enable this transformation. Through community events, webinars, and breakfast sessions, LCI members have shared best practice and knowledge with thousands of attendees. Recordings of and materials from these events are available as downloads from the LCI’s website along with a range of other resources that support construction and client organisations in understanding more about lean and how they can implement it as part of their business processes and project delivery.

    This presentation will set out the advantages of lean adoption for construction organisations. It will also detail the supports that LCI offers to the construction sector to aide its transformation and the ways in which individuals or companies can engage to “deliver projects better, FASTER, TOGETHER”.

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