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    Gerard Mahon is currently Head of Land Sales with BV Commercial based in the West of Ireland covering a broad spectrum across the entire country. Gerard has spent his entire career specialising in land sales across Ireland and has been involved in many high profile transactions over the past ten years.



    Title: Developing Rural and Regional Ireland – A future prospect

    Synopsis: This presentation looks at the future of development in rural and regional Ireland and reviews the prospects for same. It will seek to answer questions around the viability of same and what sections of Ireland are to become major players for future regional development. Can areas that felt it the most make a recovery from the darkest days of recession? Is development outside of the large cities viable? Why would developers look to regiona and rural towns? How can we avoid poorly judged development strategies in regional towns? What is the future of our towns?

    All of these questions and more will be looked at in this presentation. My experience of land sales has given me a unique insight into the thoughts of developers and I can see a move towards regional development, albeit with a far more cautious approach, and my presentation will address this.

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