Dr. Houssem Jerbi – Chief Data Scientist, Smart pmo

  • Houssem Jerbi is founder and chief data science consultant at smart pmo. He helps companies and governments realise their business visions from the development of a data strategy through its implementation using artificial intelligence and data analytics. Previously, he worked at Facebook, Dublin and Insights, Dublin. He has led high-impact data science projects in Internet, Retail, Digital & Social Media, Advertising, Hospitality, Public Sector and Real estates. Houssem holds Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Science from University of Toulouse, France.


    Title: Data-driven Optimisation of Construction Projects: a Case-study

    Synopsis: In this talk, a case study will showcase how ministry departments used PMO Intelligence Platform for data-driven proactive performance and risk management of a large portfolio of projects. The business impact and benefits (including for example, process improvement and efficiency gains) of the Intelligent PMO application will be presented. Moreover, the main organizational challenges faced and the roadblocks for the transformation of PMO culture and processes based on data science products will be presented.


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