Charles Robinson – Associate Director, Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions

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    Charles is a sustainability professional with extensive experience, who has delivered projects in over 20 countries globally. The focus is always the same; cutting costs, while simplifying complex sustainability challenges into digestible information that truly adds business value. Charles can help companies with energy efficiency, CSR, sustainability maturity assessment & roadmapping, carbon reduction programmes and renewable energy integration.

    Title: Energy Performance Contracts – New Revenue, Guaranteed through Energy Savings

    Synopsis: Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) are mutually beneficial agreements between an ESCO (Energy Service Company) and the client, whereby the ESCO identifies energy upgrade and efficiency opportunities and guarantees the energy savings potential. The ESCO undertakes the technical and performance risk, ensuring the savings potential is realised. The savings are shared between the ESCO and the client, for the agreed contract period; after which time, the client enjoys the full benefits of the energy upgrade. Energy Performance Contracts can achieve up to 40% reduction in terms of energy cost and consumption, as well as facilities management and maintenance savings.

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