Bob Cummins – Founder & Director, Sodak Ltd

  • Bob Cummins is one of the UK’s leading practitioners in behavioural science within health and safety, founder and director of Sodak and author.  Bob has over two and half decades of construction experience and ten years of learning and practising behavioural science to help construction companies in the UK, Ireland and overseas to improve their performance, health & safety, leadership, employee wellbeing plus much more.  



    Title: How Behavioural Science is Helping to Build the New Children’s Hospital Safely

    Synopsis: The way we think about construction health and safety is fundamentally flawed. We put all the focus on convincing the individual ‘to think’ or tell them ‘don’t walk by’ without ever really realising that this approach overlooks everything we’ve discovered about human behaviour.

    Sodak is working with BAM Ireland on the new children’s hospital project (to be named ‘Phoenix Children’s Hospital – the most significant healthcare investment ever undertaken by the State).  Collaboratively, the two companies are helping to improve the workers’ health & safety and wellbeing through behavioural science (the scientific study of human behaviour).

    Bob Cummins will talk through how this is being achieved, the challenges and benefits to the workers, the project and client.

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