Andrew Beck – Barrister-at-Law

  • Andrew Beck B.L. is a prize-winning barrister practicing in commercial law and judicial review. He has acted in many leading procurement cases including Copymoore II v. Commissioners of Public Works; Student Transport Limited v. The Minister for Education; and the Persona and Comcast cases, the latter brought against the State arising from the award of a mobile telephone licence to Esat Telecommunications.  He also defended Ireland in infringement proceedings brought by the EU Commission alleging misapplication of selection and award criteria. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Oxford University and The King’s Inns.



    Title: What you can do to help win your procurement litigation

    Synopsis: This talk identifies practical advice for both defendants and applicants as to how you can increase the odds of success in your procurement litigation by such methods as: identifying winning arguments; speedily and properly structuring instructions to your legal team; and technical jargon busting.

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