Thomas M. Eustace – Technical Director, Slick Solutions Limited

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    Technical Director specialising in the bio-remediation of Hydrocarbons such as diesel, petrol, aviation fuel, antifreeze, engine oil, hydraulic oil, cresol and fuel vapours. S200 OilGone® technology turns hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water in situ.  Introduced novel crystal technologies that eradicate oil spills in a 100% Eco-friendly manner to the British Isles and other countries in the EAME region. Such technologies were first developed on the Space Station and in the Exxon Valdez oil spill clean up and are completely safe to use around flora and fauna.


    Title: There is a site inspection in an hour and we just had a small oil spill on site

    Synopsis: How to handle and clean up hydraulic and diesel oil spills that are a regular occurrence on construction sites. Using new environmentally safe,  technology developed originally by NASA, we can now apply product onto any oil spill that will bond with it, make it non-viscous and non-toxic in minutes. This will lift and separate the oil from the soil / water surface. allowing it to be hosed aside. Within the matrix of the compound, bacteria start to eat the oil, turning it into carbon dioxide and water. As the products are made from inert fatty acid substances, when the bacteria have finished eating the oil, they eat the matrix. There is nothing left over. The products come in a liquid , S200 OilGone and a powder, PRP format.

    Flora and Fauna safe. Green technology at its best.

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