Ronan O’Sullivan – Chief Technology Officer, Initiafy

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    Ronan is CTO of Initiafy and is responsible for the technical vision of the company and the platform. He has a Bsc in computer science and an Msc in augmented reality from Trinity College. He worked in the games industry in Ireland as an engineer before joining the software company Automsoft in 2005, where he worked in process control and data acquisition for companies in the pharmaceutical, oil and gas and manufacturing industries. In 2010, Ronan was appointed CTO of the rewards platform, ChannelForge, where he led the development of cloud-based SaaS product. In 2017, Ronan joined Initiafy as CTO, where he brings focus on data-driven technical innovation based on customer needs and company vision.


    Title: How to build in an access control system in a data center?

    Synopsis: It is standard procedure to build in a final access control system as part of the construction of a data centre. Depending on what is being secured, access controls can be very advanced or quite simple, built on a ‘lower-touch, lower-infrastructure’ basis where a person can deny themselves entry. Access controls systems are a key part of data centre construction , keeping the building secure and your workers safe.

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