Rachel Murphy, Sales Director, NP Liquid Glass Systems Ltd

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    NP Liquid Glass Systems Ltd provides environmentally friendly surface protection using the latest advancements in Nanotechnology. Rachel has headed up sales since she joined her father in running the company in 2014. With a keen interest in both construction and science this role was the perfect fit for Rachel.

    NP Liquid Glass provides high quality and affordable surface protection which is sustainable, environmentally friendly and toxin free. With a large range of applications, from preventing damp penetration to anti-graffiti protection and restoration work, the role is varied and sees Rachel working all around the country on commercial projects, historic sites and new builds.

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    Clever solutions for Facilities Management

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    How using long lasting surface protection solutions can reduce maintenance and costs. With advancements in Nanotechnology there are more and more options for long lasting and environmentally friendly products.

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