Patrick Bamming – CTA & Data Protection Officer (TUEV), Datasona Ltd.

    • Patrick Bamming – CTA & Data Protection Officer (TUEV), Datasona Ltd.'s presentations

    Patrick has been the head of the tax and legal department of Datasona Ltd.  Ireland for 12 years. He currently has more than 120 clients. Patrick has a German university business degree (Diplom Kaufmann). Patrick successfully completed an exam on the new General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR, Datenschutzbeauftragter TÜV). The course focused on the legal requirements for companies, data mapping, duties of the Data Protection Officer, dealing with the national authorities for data collection and the IT requirements to secure data. The training course was organised and certified by the German certification authority TÜV and is one of the most current and up to date courses for EU data Protection

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