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    Michael Clarke is one of the leading people in his field of technology integration for Project Planning and Controls. He has spent the last number of years in the UK implementing management systems on some of the world’s largest and most complex infrastructure projects. Part of his role for LogiKal is to identify and develop strategically important or disruptive innovations to improve project intelligence, quality, productivity and profitability for major projects.

    Michael is currently the Pre-Construction Approvals Manager and Advisor to the enabling works for the Central and North Sections of HS2, the UK’s new High-Speed railway linking London, Birmingham, the East Midlands, Leeds and Manchester at a projected cost of £56 Billion.



    Title: How major infrastructure projects push R&D in construction – 4D Planning, AR, and Project Intelligence on Crossrail, Thames Tideway and HS2

    Synopsis: What are the tangible business benefits of the latest innovations being developed in major infrastructure projects and the cost benefits justifying their investment?

    In this presentation Michael Clarke will explain how we are using technologies such as 4D Planning, Augmented Reality, 3D printing of physical site progress, AI algorithms and real time data management systems to save money and reduce risk on project delivery for some of the largest projects in the world.

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