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    Ita Leyden B.E., M.Sc., Dip. Em, C.Eng M.IEI, M.IES, C.MIOSH, M.ACFE is the principal of Leyden Consulting Engineers (LCE) – Safety engineering, Training and Ergonomic Consultants.Ita Leyden is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Safety Practitioner with over 20 years experience in the engineering, training and safety fields. She was one of the first in Ireland to qualify with a M.Sc. in Ergonomics, Health, Safety and Hygiene from University College Galway. She also holds a Diploma in Environmental Management. Ita has extensive experience in the pharmachem industry, however, she has also provided expertise to a variety of industry and service sectors, from retail to construction. Consequently, Ita has been involved in all areas of safety, from litigation and provision of expert witness testimony through to management coaching and training and development of safety management systems.



    Title: Human Error – The engineer’s role in accident prevention

    Synopsis: I will introduce the broad scope of human factors engineering – exploring how engineers and designers can improve human performance and reduce the risk of accidents by recognising the cognitive and physical limitations of the human.  I will discuss human capability in relation to cognitive function and physical ability. I will examine the concept of human error and the influence engineers can have on reducing the potential for human error by designing systems, procedures, equipment and machinery to accommodate the human, and recognising the significance of human performance in the overall work system.

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