Dr. Kris McGlinn – Research Fellow, Trinity College Dublin

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    Dr. Kris McGlinn is a research fellow in the Adapt Centre Trinity College Dublin conducting research on the intelligent management of energy efficient buildings, with a focus on issues of data interoperability when dealing with both the large amounts of data generated by heterogeneous sources throughout the buildings life cycle, and other relevant data sources.


    Title: Data Management to Support Energy Efficient Buildings


    Synopsis: This talk will give an overview of building information modelling to support energy efficient buildings, and how modern web of data and linked data technologies can support improved interoperablity of data, enabling the development of novel applications. It will briefly explore some of the current data standards used with the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, and then an overview of how web of data technologies can meet current and future needs. A particular focus of the talk will be recent work with the Ordnance Survey Ireland on providing a central hub for interlinking BIM data based on their authoritative geospatial data sets

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