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    Conor Molloy, is an independent energy advisor with an MSc in Energy Management and Renewable energy from University of Ulster, he is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Measurement & Verification professional (CMVP) and trainer for ISO50001.

    He has trained over 100 ESOS Lead Assessors in Transport Energy Auditing, led the publication of EN 16247-4 Europe’s transport energy audit standard and contributed to ISO50004.

    Since 2005, Conor’s has been helping business save fuel and manage their energy use for profit and reduced emissions.  Accepted as a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, CILT, FTAI, IMCA and EVO.  He is a registered lead ESOS assessor (UK) and registered energy auditor (Ireland).


    Title: AEMS ECOfleet: Applying 50001 principles to transport and supply chains.  Learn how to save fuel and get paid.

    Synopsis:  With Brexit increasing risk and delay in supply chains, operating an energy and carbon efficient transport service is more important than ever.  See how ECOfleet can help your fleet or suppliers reduce their carbon emissions and increase profits, whilst building resiliency into your supply chain.

    Understand how ecodriving training can help your drivers save fuel & costs, whilst reducing emissions; learn how you can save fuel on the way home.

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