Bassey Duke – CEO & Founder, Pruune Consulting Ltd, Ireland

    • Bassey Duke – CEO & Founder, Pruune Consulting Ltd, Ireland's presentations

    Bassey has led the Logistics functions within different multinational companies for over 10 years including Amcor where he led the EMEA Logistics function, Eaton where he led the EMEA Logistics function and IMI where he led the Global logistics function. During his career he has lived in different countries (US, UK, DE, IE), managing an annual logistics budget of circa €150 million and delivered over €30 million in savings.

    He holds a bachelor/master’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA. In August 2016, Pruune Consulting Ltd was set up to work with SMEs to develop their logistics, procurement and supply chain competence.



    Title: How can I award the right vendor from my sourcing event

    Synopsis: With the dynamics and challenges of procurement, there is always the task of how to select the right vendor from your sourcing event. How do you go through all the supplier data to distil, use a structure approach to making the key decision to select a long term partner. I will go through a practical frame work and some examples that can be readily applied to bring value to your companies.

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