Alena Chikurnikova – Interior Designer, Founder & CEO, AlenaCDesign

    • Alena Chikurnikova – Interior Designer, Founder & CEO, AlenaCDesign's presentations

    Alena is Interior designer of ambitious and fast-growing studio AlenaCDesign. She specialises in Contemporary interiors and works with Residential and Commercial Clients Nationwide. Alena uses her background in engineering, management and consultancy to find the best Individual approach and make each project unique just as every Client’s Personality/ Brand. Her Interior design, Spatial design and Lighting design received many positive testimonials from Clients all around country.

    Title:  How to Hire right Contractor

    Having a project to finish, not always we have skills or time to make specific work ourselves. It is time to hire contractor! Most of the times, fair quotation doesn’t guarantee a positive experience and successfully finished project. Having wide experience working and hiring professionals, I share practical recommendations which help to hire right contractors with the best work result and to plan project better in general.

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