Irish Water

Irish Water assumed responsibility for water services on the 1st January 2014. Since then Irish Water’s Connections and Developer Services (CDS) has been managing the provision of new and upgraded water and wastewater connections in partnership with the Local Authorities.

A number of connection and developer initiatives have been rolled out. Highlights include,

  • Customers nationally can now engage directly with Irish Water for enquiries and applications to connect.
  • A pre-connection enquiry process which allows developers / customers to ascertain the feasibility of a connection to the Infrastructure, in advance of applying for planning permission, has also been established. This will also provide the developer/ customers with information should capital upgrades be required to facilitate a development.
  • Irish Water has issued Technical Documentation which outlines the requirements for self-lay water services infrastructure within developments.
  • The Technical Documentation comprises Standard Details and Codes of Practice. These provide guidance to developers for the provision of water supply and wastewater collection infrastructure within developments, that will be connected to Irish Water’s networks and that will subsequently be Taken in Charge.

Further details and contact information can be obtained from or phoning us on 1850 278 278

Address: Blackwater House, Mallow Business Park, Mallow, County Cork, Ireland

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