Xetec staff will be available to discuss both FlexMaint™ and FlexDayta™.

Uniquely flexible in menus, screens and dialogs, FlexMaint™ Maintenance Management Software,  can be configured to suit your way of managing maintenance. This is the key to successful and faster implementation, as it can be step by step. FlexMaint™ covers all the basic Asset Register, Work Requests and Orders, PM Tasks and Inventory requirements. Extra functions include calendars with workloads, checklists with online feedback, condition monitoring with alarms, and more. It is cloud and network enabled, and offers both online and offline capability. It is available on PC’s and all tablets and works with the browser on your iOS iPad, Android or Windows Tablet. Xetec provides professional training, implementation and support services in all locations.

FlexDayta™ is the realisation that FlexMaint™ must connect to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). It provides control, monitoring and evaluation capability of data from all types of equipment and sensors. The solutions are highly versatile due to flexible I/O’s and multiprotocol capability, therefore dramatically reducing engineering and infrastructure costs. The introduction or use of existing of intelligent monitoring devices to installations allows superior decision making capability.

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